There was a time when all I looked at when buying a rug was price, well not anymore. I now realise how uneducated I was when it came to rugging.

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Fit
  • Rubbing
  • Comfort
  • Slipping
  • Having to have 10 different rugs to accommodate varying temperatures and conditions
  • Spending $$ on something that doesn’t last or you just weren’t 100% happy with.

Horseware rugs at Proactive Animal Health

Horseware rugs and liners

I think we all have, well come with me ….

I was introduced to Horseware rugs by default as I was using and selling their health care range with Ice-Vibe boots and Sportz-Vibe Circulation therapy rugs. After a brief conversation I was convinced to try one, after a week of use I was absolutely convinced I couldn’t find anything better. They didn’t rub, they didn’t slip, they were comfortable for the horse, easy to get on and off and even better than that, I could have one rug to use for most or all of the year so I didn’t need to buy a heavy canvas, an unlined canvas, a neck rug for each, a doona rug, a cotton rug and the list goes on so already I was miles ahead. How you ask?

The Horseware Liner system!!
The liner system allows you to purchase a turnout rug with fill ranging from 0g upwards and then add layers of varying thickness from 100g-400g to give your horse the appropriate amount of warmth for the weather conditions. The simple system gives your rug superior insulation without the need for layers and layers of rugs that cause the horse discomfort due to rubbing caused by friction, three or more sets of leg and chest straps that can be nothing but uncomfortable and at times simply dangerous.
The inner liner and the outershell operate as one unit.

The liner attaches by Velcro loops to the neck area of the out rug, and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping. It is soooo easy to do and you can even remove the liner without taking the top rug off.

Attaching the liner in the neck area 1

Attaching the liner in the hind area

how to fit your rug

It is not necessary to have a cotton rug underneath as you simply remove the liner and wash it instead of changing a cotton rug. The cotton rug creates friction and can get wet when it hangs out from under the top rug. The liner does neither of these things and in fact helps put a lovely shine on your horses coat and is machine washable, dries quickly and can even be tumble dried.

The Liners start at $69 for a 100g liner and go up to a $99 for a 400g, however 400g is for blizzard conditions and not really necessary in most parts of Australia. I operate by having two liners so one can be in the wash whilst the other one is on the horse. At this price they are cheaper and easier to manage over winter than a cotton under rug and your horse will be so much more comfortable.

There are many options for the turnout rug itself, not all (however most) are compatible with the liner system.
Most come with a detachable neck rug which means you have the option of leaving it on or taking it off.

There are four ranges from Horseware:

Top of the range

Rambo top of the range

Barrier technology


Mid range

Demo Model Amigo Insulator Plus

Base range


The most popular by far are the Rambo and Rhino range.

The Rhino Plus Lite is a fantastic versatile rug that is fully
waterproof and breathable. 100d Polypropylene outer which means it is stronger than commonly used polyester material.
It has an anti-static, anti-bacterial lining which enhances shine. The reason this rug is so popular is because it is strong and has no fill in the outer shell which means you can use it for the
majority of the year with or without a liner.

At $239 +$69-$89 for a liner it is also great value when you
consider the cost of a lined canvas ($200+), an unlined $150+
a cotton rug $80+, a doona or woolen $100 and so it goes on.


Rambo top of the range

In the Rambo range this year there is the Rambo Wallaby Duo, made for Australian conditions.  It comes with a 3 year guarantee on waterproofing and hardware and the $419 price tag includes a 200g liner.  This rug is super tough and versatile, with only 50g fill in the outer it can also be used for the majority of the year.

My personal favourite.

There is also the Rambo Duo which has 100g fill in the outer and comes with a 300g liner.  The Rambo Wallaby Varilayer, which has 250g fill with graduated fill in the shell.  This means the heat is where it needs to be most.  I like the varilayer as it fits really snug around the horses and the fill seems to last longer as it is thickest where it needs to be.

If you have a really big chested horse you can’t go past the
Optimo.   This rug gives your horse total freedom of movement by using Rambo Split technology.  This allows the front of the
rug to act independently to the back of the rug thus eliminating tightness and rubbing especially in broader horses.


Horseware offer a million different options so you will find one to suit your needs and budget.
At the end of the day your horse will be more
comfortable, rugging and washing will be a lot easier for you and you will save $$$.

Winter rugging simplified!



If you require any further information on rugging your horse this winter or would like to discuss your options in this regard, please email us at info@proactiveanimalhealth.com.au.au, we would me more than happy to find the perfect option for you and your horse.

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