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About us

Hi! I’m Bianca Treverton, a horse rider with qualifications in Equine Science, and breeder. Proactive Animal Health was born out of my passion for horses, problems, purpose and possibilities.

It All Began With An Injury

As my beautiful sand dancing partner and I were forging a great partnership and preparing to make an impression in the competition arena…. Bamm!!  She sustained an injury that was devasting and potentially could have ended her career.  What came next was something that I hadn’t expected.

Although I have a Science Degree in Equine Studies, it was incredibly difficult to find up-to-date treatments, advice and products that actually supported her recovery (instead of hindering it).  I was offered many products and a lot of advice that could have caused more harm than good and were not going to speed up the healing process.

Frustrated, yet determined, armed with a ‘never say die’ attitude and a thirst for knowledge and results, I embarked on many, many hours of my own research to give my mare the best chance of recovery.  I believe there is always something “more” we can do (please don’t tell me there isn’t).

This one injury spurred on my passion for animal health and welfare.  Combined with a desire to short cut those many hours of research for other people, and optimise the outcomes for their animals, Proactive Animal Health was born.


What We Are About

I really want to provide owners with a place they can get good advice, top quality products and an all-round experience that is focused on the outcomes not on trends or profits of a big company. 

Although my major focus is on performance horses, the reality is most horse owners also own a dog (or other pets).  These pets are included in my endeavour to give animals the ultimate happy, healthy and productive life.

If you are sick of sales pitch by employees that are paid to sell or reading advice on a Facebook page full of advice from strangers, then you are in the right spot.

Here, you can obtain advice from someone with a name, face and knowledge backed by qualifications and experience. Trust is high on my list.

Our Range

Proactive Animal Health only works with companies that back their products and provide service right through the journey.  I don’t pretend to know everything (horses are tricky) but I do only work with companies that provide great advice and service that I can use to pass on to my customers.

By shortcutting the hours and hours of research it takes to find the best quality and value for money products, you can spend more time with your horse and less searching and comparing products to keep them healthy and optimising performance.

I only stock products that I use and know work.


To be the go-to company that horse owners seek out for the best quality and value for money products available.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies)
  • EEBW (Equinology)
  • Graduate Diploma (Teaching)

Do you have an equine health question? Pop me a message and let’s chat about your needs.

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