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RETROFLAM™ is a blend of ingredients known to support the health of your horse’s stomach, gastrointestinal tract and hind gut. The nutritional blend also includes ingredients that support the nervous system, immune health, and PH balance in your horse. Causes of digestive disease in horses can be stress, incorrect diet and medication side effects. This natural horse supplement may assist horses exhibiting digestive imbalance such as wind sucking, wood chewing, cribbing, “girth issues”, gastrointestinal membrane deterioration, sourness, tenderness in flanks wither and girth areas and reluctance to work. 
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RETROFLAM ™ is a blend of ingredients known to support the health of equine stomachs, gastrointestinal tract and hind gut.  Causes of digestive dis-ease in horses can be stress, incorrect diet and medicationc side effects. Specific Phospholipids in soy lecithin support the integrity of stomach membrane linings.  RETROFLAM ™ is a blend of natural ingredients, including highly concentrated Phosphatidylcholine content Lecithin (non GMO highest quality ), live digestive probiotic yeast, nervous system supporting B Vitamins and ingredients to support the immune system and PH balance.   This nutritional blend may assist horses exhibiting digestive imbalance such wind sucking, wood chewing, cribbing, “girth issues”, gastrointestinal membrane deterioration, sourness, tenderness in flanks wither and girth areas and reluctance to work.
Retroflam includes : Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin, B1, B2, B6, MSM, Vitamin C, Calcium – marine sourced organic stomach and hind gut acid buffer and live saccharomyces cerevisiae probiotic.
Serving size – *existing digestive imbalance 30-35g  per 100kg for two weeks then reduce as instructed after complimentary consultation. 3.6 kg Retroflam is required ( ** see below )
Serving for 500kg horse for ongoing digestive health is 30-50 g per day – 1.8 kg option
*Seek veterinary advice for existing ulcer issues
** Correct Diet is essential for equine gastrointestinal health.  Retroflam is sold with a complimentary diet and health review by Julie Cook from Natures Farmacy –  just phone 0417055645

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  1. eileenrawlinson

    I love RetroFlam. I have a sensitive WB mare who can exhibit anxious behaviours like spooking and teeth grinding. I believe gut discomfort is a major contributing factor to these behaviours. I give my mare two scoops in her feed every day to keep her comfortable at meal times, and two scoops with a small amount of lucerne chaff before exercise or travel. If I forget to give her the two scoops before exercise her teeth grinding and spooking are noticeably worse! I also feel this supplement also helps her maintain condition easily. For a solid 16.3hh horse she only needs the same amount of feed as the finer 15.2hh horses on the property to stay in peak condition. I would highly recommend RetroFlam to anyone with a horse that is showing anxious behaviours or having trouble keeping weight on – or just for general good health!

  2. jonno17

    I sent a pony away to be started under saddle, he’d lost a bit of weight whilst he was away, after he came home I started feeding him more to get some weight back on but it just wasn’t happening, if anything he was dropping off more, I did consider going for the vet meds but I don’t think this particular pony would’ve coped with having a syringe down his throat every day so I went looking for something proven that I could add to his feed, 3 1/2 weeks on and not only has the pony put on more weight, he is less irritable and seems to be a much happier pony now. I was cynical about the product having always used vet meds for ulcers but I’m pleasantly surprised with this and will use again in the future if the need arises.

  3. Simone

    Very quick delivery

  4. Nicole C.

    Great product, great service, thank you

  5. Alison

    Great product!!

  6. Tracy Wittmann

    Excellent service Great product Quick delivery. Will alway continue my shopping with them.

  7. Tammy (verified owner)

    super fast delivery and excellent product

  8. Jo (verified owner)

    Great service and delivery. My OTTB dropped a lot of weight over the wet tropics summer and seemed very depressed. After 2 weeks on retroflam his condition picked up as well as his general demeanor.Great product!!!

  9. Peta and Indie (verified owner)

    There’s definitely been an improvement in my old boys overall health (23yr old tbred doofus) 😊 he’s got to be the fussiest horse ever, and it’s been a very rough year for him. It’s been a battle to get him to accept any supplements to help with his ulcers, or even just a complete vit/ mineral mix. This is the one thing he doesn’t try to dodge, and I think it’s made a difference in him absorbing what nutrients that have managed to get in. I’ll be keeping him on it for the rest of his life.

    Also, I loved the little note with the packaging too 💚 Thank you for posting it so far too, I appreciate it!

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