Oziflex Extra

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OZIFLEX Equine Joint Food is an economical and affordable horse joint supplement with nutrients proven to nourish and protect joints for horses and ponies. With a combination of supportive and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this equine joint supplement is recommended for horses no matter what age, breed or intensity of exercise. It is especially recommended to support aged, working, performance, and intensely trained horses and ponies.  

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OZIFLEX TM. . At last – an economical joint food with nutrients proven to nourish equine joints.
When we looked for a joint assist for our horses we couldn’t find one that was economical and contained essential protective nutrients. We wanted one that covered the same actions as Pentosan. Antiinflammatory, Repair and synovial fluid supports.
So we developed OZIFLEX Equine Joint Food for our horses first!  Now we want to ensure it is affordable for year round use.
Oziflex Equine Joint Food is recommended for horses no matter what age, breed or intensity of exercise.  It is definitely recommended for aged, working, performance and intensely trained horses.  Whether you have barrel racers, polo ponies, eventers, dressage horses, race horses,cutters,  reiners or pleasure horses, performance is critically affected by the health of your horses joints.
Contains per 20g dose:
Glucosamine HCL 5g
Chondroitin sulphate 650mg
Patented Collagen Type II 450mg
Sodium hyaluronate  75mg
Collagen hydrolysate Types 1 & 3.      1000g
Mehylsulphonylmethane MSM 5.5g
Vitamin C 3.25g
Zinc 370mg
Copper  127mg
Methionine amino 550mg
Lysine amino 500mg
Natural Vitamin E  250iu
OZIFLEX Equine Joint Food TM  is also able to be customised for your horse  when joint health is already compromised. **
Please consult Julie Cook of Natures Farmacy on 0417055645 before ordering if you would like complimentary free consultation and custom formula.
 (**Seek veterinary advice)

750g, 1.5kg


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