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These EQU StreamZ Fetlock bands are a natural way of providing pain relief and recovery support to your horse. These innovative magnetic horse bands provide a non-invasive form of therapy and can help support your horse in maintaining soundness or dealing with many inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, wounds & muscle & tendon strains.


IMPORTANT WARNINGS: If your horse has been diagnosed with a heart condition then we advise you seek advice from your vet before use (some horses are now fitted with pacemakers which should not be used around magnets). Horses with particularly sensitive skin may find the neoprene too sensitive for use. Horses who are regular ‘chewers’ should avoid wearing the product as warranty is void on any products showing damage other than through material defect. A few owners who have horses with Cushing Disease have reported an adverse reaction to using the bands, this is thought to be part of the natural healing process ‘getting worse before better’ but has only applied to a few horses with Cushings.
StreamZ cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction or offer a guarantee on the intended results. Just like medicines, we cannot guarantee the technology will help every horse/condition. Please consult your veterinary professional if you require medical advice and review our returns process, or contact one of our team if you have further concerns.

Each horse wears two EQU StreamZ bands just above or below the fetlock area, and are designed to be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Waterproof and designed to be used in most weather conditions HOWEVER “24/7 use” refers to the technology and does not indicate the bands can be left on in all weather conditions or whilst out hacking. The bands are developed to be used in recovery, not whilst in active use. When the ground is soft and the horse is turned out the bands should be placed above the fetlock joint and out of the soft ground. Care and attention is required for the bands to last; as with any other tack product.

ABOVE Fetlock – use when turned out in soft ground conditions or whilst in light work.
BELOW Fetlock – use below fetlock when turned in or on box rest. (Slightly better reaction when placed below, but movement is found below the fetlock)

StreamZ bands can be used in conjunction with traditional magnetic products however it is VITAL that other magnetic products are not placed over the top of the StreamZ strips, either when on the horse or when in the tack room. StreamZ contain multiple horizontal poles of energy and traditional magnets can damage this, preventing the effects of StreamZ unique technology.

IMPORTANT MAINTENANCE: StreamZ advertise the EQU bands as “24/7 use”. This refers to the technology being able to be worn all day every day, and particularly when the horse is ‘in recovery’. This does not stipulate that bands can be worn 24/7 in all weather conditions, particularly in the UK. Common sense is required as to when the horse can and cannot wear the bands. The material has a life span as with any aesthetic product such as shoes or clothing; it requires care and attention to last 12 months or more, particularly the fastening. To keep the bands as long as possible it is advised that they are washed once every couple of weeks. The EQU bands are developed to be used as an aid for recovery and not to be used in active work (there is slight movement under the fetlock joint). The EQU bands should be completely removed or worn above the fetlock in soft ground conditions, further still if the ground is soft enough to allow the bands to be submerged then the bands should be removed and only used when turned in. The UK is very wet so it is advised to remove them in the winter and wetter months of the year.

The hook and loop fastening within the EQU StreamZ requires a level of maintenance and care. Warranty is available on defects with the fastening. We have had issues in the past with the material used and updated the material to the strongest on the market to rectify this issue. If you have any questions please contact our support team via email; help@streamz-global.com. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty defects.

Advice: If the horse is ‘turned in’ we advise that the bands are placed below the fetlock (around the pastern); the artery is slightly closer to the outside of the skin under the fetlock joint. If the horse is ‘turned out’ then we would advise that the bands are placed above the fetlock joint (around the cannon bone). We recommend that the bands are placed on the near fore and off hind legs, no matter what the injury, although it generally makes little difference.

Tip: We have a horse who we like to turn out with his bands on, even if it’s wet. We also noticed than when alone he would often get his teeth under the bands and rip them off. We caught him peering through the hedge like nature detectives. We solved this issue by tricking him! We now put his bands on him, whilst making him look the other way, and then wrap a few layers of vet wrap over the top. He’s none the wiser, and the bands stay on!


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